Pageant KIds

In my opinion this is too much for such young kids. pageants should have regulations to stop this and to encourage natural beauty! These children look like mini adults. That is not right , when i think of kids i think of messy make up ,playing dress up and being a child. But these pageant kids wear fake tan, fake teeth, eyelashes, loads of make up and very revealing outfits…..Whats you opinion on the matter?

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Its a classic, I just had to post it

Although this is a very old song , at some stage every christmas you will hear it.Its Mariah Carey singing her song ”  All I want for christmas is you”.In my house it’s always played in the kitchen while were cooking dinner on christmas. It’s almost a family tradition to have this song playing. I hope this video gets you in the christmas mood! Almost – Merry Christmas.

Why do we students do this to ourselves?

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This is me and all my friends completely. We always mean to do our assignments or whatever it is, but we always leave everything we do till the last minute. It would just be so much easier for us students to do it and get it done and over with.Although we do always get our work done would we of not been better off just doing it and not being stressed about getting it done?..Does anybody else have this problem ?